Meet Your Team

  • British Wrestling Coach
  • British Wrestling Course Tutor
  • United World Wrestling Coach
  • England Boxing Coach
  • British Gymnastics Tumbling Coach
  • British Weight Lifters Certificate
  • Qualified Personal Trainer,
  • MMA Fitness Instructor
  • BA Degree in Sports Coaching and sports development
  • Counselling Diploma

I  know how it feels to be the child who couldn’t sit still and was always looking for a fun outlet for all the pent up energy i had growing up.  I was definitely an individual who craved boundaries, discipline and self confidence.

Wrestling and MMA provided me with all of that and much more. I gained:

  • The CONFIDENCE to come out of my comfort zone and pursue my dreams
  • The DISCIPLINE to never give up when life gets tough
  • The MOTIVATION to always want better in life
  • The ABILITY and AWARENESS to remain HUMBLE even after building the above skills and strengths
  • The gift of RESPECTING myself and others

Coach Farid - Head Coach

Coach Atiq support Coach Farid with all his programmes. More so with the wrestling. Coach Atiq has trained under Coach  Farid and admits  he was afraid for many years. However since starting wrestling he has achieved gold medals in the ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championship.

ADCC refers to the “Abu Dhabi Combat Club”, and the event was originally hosted in Abu Dhabi. Later host countries have included Brazil, China, Finland, Spain, the UK, and the US.

The ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championship is a grappling competition involving professional athletes who have been successful at the highest levels of wrestling and mixed martial arts. The rules of the event disallow strikes while encouraging grappling and submissions.

I started wrestling 3 years ago just as a way to keep fit and learn some basic self defense moves.I quickly found that there were disciplines and skills asides from wrestling I was developing that were helping me in other areas of my life.

Coach Atiq now passes on these skills to our young people

  • British Wrestling Coach
  • England Boxing Coach
  • ADCC Submission Wrestling World Champion

Coach Atiq - Assistant Coach